Rx Pizza | Bryan

The building at the corner of a busy intersection in Historic Downtown Bryan, Texas was built for, and operated as, a pharmacy for several decades. The Owner wanted his restaurant to be a new chapter in the building’s history without erasing the past. The architecture of the new, contemporary pizza place lets the history of the building shine through. Even the name of the restaurant, Rx Pizza, illustrates this fusion with the past.

The materials used in the renovation were purposefully chosen to represent the blending of old and new. Dark wood (the old) was used for the floor-to-ceiling apothecary shelves that fill the entire wall behind the bar, the restaurant benches, and other details throughout. Bright red (the new) was used for the “ribbon” that ties the elements of the restaurant together. The dining area is arranged around the historic mosaic floor tile to preserve and accentuate this historic element of the building. The custom light fixtures built into the apothecary shelves are made with empty pill casings to diffuse the light.