Voices For Children Partition

PACT designed, fabricated, and installed an operable partition for Voices for Children, Inc., a non-profit organization in Bryan, Texas dedicated to children in the community.

The partition illustrates a child's journey through foster care. The beginning of the journey can be hazy and uncertain. The transition from experiences of abuse and neglect to a safe, permanent, and nurturing home puts children on the path toward a brighter future. Each strip of wood represents the VFC members fulfilling their mission of navigating children toward permanency. Donors (dark brown), board members and staff (medium brown), and the indispensable CASA volunteers (light brown) come together to form a network of support for each child. Eventually, VFC is no longer needed, and the strips fade away.

Practically, the partition provides privacy for the work done at VFC while allowing daylight to filter through. The panels pivot to maximize assembly space for large training classes.